Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Blues

Argh, so many half-written posts lying about!  You know when you get all inspired to write something then the inspiration gets interrupted (usually dinner time, a crying baby or arguing children)?!  It's school holidays here so there are interruptions aplenty but lots of inspiration too!  
We've squeezed a lot of fun into the last couple of weeks and the only real downer has been that BigBadWolf got really sick and had to go into hospital.  He's home now but looks like he'll be off work for another couple of weeks.  
I decided to snap some pics to lighten the mood in the hospital room and as it turns out they were all blue-ish so I continued the theme when we got home and made this lil' blue post :)

Apron and gloves.  Suggested attire when visiting the BigBadWolf in hospital.  That's the smiling patient up top there :)

The hills of home!  A nice view from said hospital room.

A card of good wishes from Berry and Bear

We decided that a dollhouse renovation would be a good school holiday project, starting with a new colour on the roof - aqua.

Crochet blanket, beautiful ombré

I've been admiring the ombré effect of this bag from for ages and it's had me playing with similar colours in an attempt to make something for Baby (a hat maybe? a jacket?)

I lurrrve this colour for a boy's room - rich, midnight tealy-blue. Found here

The Blues won in Round 16! Okay, so I exaggerated my own excitement, but seeing how happy it made Bear each time they kicked a goal, that made me happy.

There's a mixture of happy and not-so-happy amongst all those blues - here's hoping for more of the former in the coming days!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Crochet Baby Sherlock Hat Project

This would have to be one of the cutest hat patterns I've ever seen - stripes, earflaps, buttons - all the ingredients for a super fun beanie!  It's been on the 'to-crochet' list for a couple of years but as Bear is too big for 'cute' beanies, I hadn't had any reason to make it - then my nephew had his second birthday - Yippee!  
I think it's more of an Aviator style than a Sherlock style, but either way I love it!

The perfect little hat for winter outdoor adventures!
Flaps to keep little ears toasty warm

Sea tones pair nicely with wooden buttons

Long ties can be tied in a bow

Pattern: A freebie called Baby Sherlock Hat available from the Red Heart site.

Yarn: Heirloom Easycare 8 ply in teal and soft blue.

- To save time, I used a 6mm in place of the suggested 5mm and used half double crochet in place of single crochet (I did start out using sc but it was taking aaaages and I was in a rush so started again and whipped it up in a couple of hours!).  
- As I used a bigger hook, it required fewer increases to get to the right size which led to fewer stitches in the final round which meant that I had to fudge my way through the placement of earflaps and front flap.  This made it fiddly, but that was my fault.
- I used the soft blue contrast colour to stitch a single crochet border around the outside.  When I got to the centre of each ear flap, I did ch35 then sc into each st back to the ear flap and continued the sc border around the hat.
- The buttons are stitched straight onto the hat - no button holes!

Next time:
I'll allow myself more time and will make the hat in single crochet as the pattern reads.  This means less fussing over flap-placement as I should be able to follow the pattern verbatim.

Result: It's a simple and satisfying project which I will very likely make again :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Granny Stripe Snuggle Blanket

Crocheting a full-size blanket is a full-size commitment - one that I fear would bring more angst than joy!   But when I see all the lovely blankets made by fellow bloggers and crafters - Attic24, Coco Rose Diaries, Little Woollie to name a few - they are so inspiring!

You clever kittens, I think to myself.  

How lovely it must be to snuggle under something of your own making!
I want, I want, I want!

So last week after much ooohing and aaahing over countless Pinterest boards, I made a teensy commitment by beginning a 'snuggle blanket'. 

As long as it's big enough to snuggle under, it will be a success!  
Now that kind of vague commitment I can handle ;)

Berry will be the lucky recipient of this latest project and after much playing around with crepe samples from Bendigo Woollen Mills and a few Patons & Panda colours we had laying around, she chose this colour scheme consisting of beachy and flowery tones:

A rummage through the stash unearthed this surprisingly fitting selection:

(which meant that I could start straight away!)

We've called the colour scheme Mermaid Beach (because a colour scheme should have a name, yes?).

And here is a sneaky peek at the snuggle blanket so far (and a chubby lil baby hand)

I'm using Lucy's Granny Stripe Pattern available here (although I start and finish the rows a little differently...because I tend to get distracted and have to improvise!).

Berry has said she doesn't want any border on her blanket but that is prone to change so stay tuned for the final reveal!

PS. if you look closely at the first picture you can see that the yarn samples are stuck onto a white piece of paper with double-sided tape - it's a great way to keep track of your colour schemes :D

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hello Winter!

A chilled southerly has brought grey skies up to the hills today

Outside it's barely nine degrees yet the garden is well and truly alive with winter-loveliness!

The lemon tree offers a bountiful supply - each crisp, citrus-y delight just begging to be baked into something warm and tangy 

- and is adorned with purple-white buds, the sign of a plentiful winter crop to come

Colourful blossoms are abundant on the azalea bushes, all dripping from their ice cold morning shower.

They are lovely bursts of brightness amongst a sea of green foliage... 

... bubblegum pink with a raspberry throat

... orchid purple with magenta edges

... lipstick red with wine-coloured throats

and soft, icy mauve

The tangled branches of young birch trees are almost bare, in preparation to hunker down through the coldest time of the year

Ivy is sending out fresh new shoots to cover a dead chestnut tree in a cloak of green

There is a scent of fresh pine in the air

One last blossom suns herself in the strawberry patch

There are plenty of flowers on the rosemary bush 

... for friendly bees to tend

Each individual flower looking like a dancing lady

Wet paws are always close by - attached to an even wetter dog...

Yes, the garden is alive today.  Hello Winter! x

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 shall receive

May I draw your attention to this part of yesterday's post for just one moment?

Needing: a few hours solid sleep

Well, guess what?

I got six hours sleep in a row!  

Maybe it was the Universe's way of saying 'I hear ya, Sister' or maybe Baby was just extra cosy... whatever the case, I woke at 4am feeling refreshed - and kinda stunned that Baby was still asleep.  She woke at 5am and snuggled in for a feed til we got up at 7am.  Now I'm feeling all happy and bouncy and productive - gotta love sleep!

Moments - May

This is a little idea I have been playing around with lately, a little snippet of what's going on in my world at any given time.  It's essentially a snapshot of doings and thinkings and feelings.
I can't take full credit though because everyone's doing it (well, not everyone but, you know).  Last night I saw it on Abbey's blog... who got it from Sydney's blog... who got it from Pip's blog.  It's a thing now ;)

It's fun and therapeutic.  
Kind of like writing a list, in that now it's down on paper (or virtual paper), you can relax a little, knowing these moments won't be forgotten. 
It's a nice way to express gratitude, even if only to yourself.  
You should join in!  

Here's my li'l mash-up of moments for today :)

Making : a crochet shawl for my Mama's birthday

Knitting: a cardigan for Baby in camel coloured yarn
Reading: blogs (for fun), news and finance sites (for work)
Drinking: nothing right now but looking forward to a latte before school pick up
Wanting: extra hours in the day
Looking: at the lovely autumn-view out the window. And occasional glances at Sesame Street because the tv is on in front of the window... and Sesame Street makes me feel so nostalgic!
Wasting: time worrying about Baby's (lack of) sleep.  She will or she won't, no point stressing over it!
Sewing: BigBadWolf's work pants, which seem to always disintegrate at the crotch (WT?!)
Wishing: for chocolate cake (coupled with the above mentioned latte - heavenly!)
Enjoying: spending cosy inside-time with Baby while the Little Ones are at school
Waiting: to go to the Little Ones' school to help with spelling this afternoon
Liking: having the opportunity to help out at school and chat with the mass of Little People
Loving: a full fridge and pantry - mmm, so many things to cook!
Hoping: Baby sleeps before we have to go out

Marvelling: at Baby's mind - what is she thinking as she bobs up and down and babbles to herself?
Needing: a few hours solid sleep
Smelling: dogs.  They had a bath only a week ago and now they smell very dog-ish
Listening: to Ernie singing a song on Sesame Street (you know the one about being in the dark and hearing a dog bark?)
Wearing: white t-shirt, black leggings, big woolly socks
Following: family and lifestyle blogs
Noticing: how much more I get done if I get up early-ish (go me!)
Knowing: there is chocolate in the pantry (this brings great comfort)
Bookmarking: knitting patterns for grown-up cardigans
Giggling: at Baby getting all tangled up in yarn
Feeling: inspired to focus on the HAPPY!

There.  That was fun!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Posy of Poppies

This pretty posy of poppies was a little treat to myself, bought from a local flower stand.

This is the very first posy of poppies I have ever had

and they sit happily in this little crystal vase, 
some facing upwards
some facing outwards,
others pendulous,
all tangled and woven together

And they are truly beautiful...

Just look at those colours...

Sunset orange...

cheery yellow...
lush cream...
ambrosia peachy-pink...
crisp-linen white...

And look at all those buds yet to open - a delightful surprise inside each one...

These poppies are so playfully pretty

I am positively popping with happiness x